Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thunder and lightning in Fortaleza

What a night! Couldn't sleep, the thunder was soooo loud, and continued the whole night until this morning around 10.30. Now it's just grey outside, not raining, no wind, the ocean isn't moving at all. I'm allready bored! At least we got a nice session yesterday on the Tabuba lagoon, catching one hour of wind. I'm still working on the 313, since ages (!!!). I can get around, land on my board, grab the safetyleash and continue - but the bar is just unreachable in the air. The day when I manage to get the bar in the air (that day must and will come!), I'll be soooo happy, because then I can continue with the next trick.

Yeah yeah, lot's of blah blah. A boring day at home is nothing for me!

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