Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pictures from Greece

On the ferry from Italy to Greece, bored

First stop, Paros - waiting for the wind!

Finally reaching Rhodes, wind, flat water, everything's ok, we've calmed down

Next and last stop, Kos - Marmari beach and the best boss of Marmari Windsurfing - Beat (If it's not blowing anywhere else on Kos, Marmari always has wind!)

Kos - Malaka beach, 6-7 Bft., nice waves and flat water in between, finally using my 6 m kite.
(This spot is on the waz to kefalos, take to the right after the gas station just before you go down to Kefalos.)

Kos - Mastichari beach, last day, prox. 12-13 knots

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