Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Roadtrip Greece

After the last weekend in Saal and a quick check up at my doctor Schulz, we decided in the very last moment to go to Greece. The plan exactly where to go, was still under construction as we arrived at the harbor in Ancona in Italy, 1 hour before the ferry was leaving. The ferry took about 22 hours, and Superfast Ferries offers Camping on Board, so this saves money and is a perfect solution! It’s space for about 20 campers’ cars, and there are clean showers and toilets only for the campers. I really recommend trying this!!

Arriving on the other side, in Patras, Greece, we had to speed up a bit to reach the ferry to the next island – Paros. ½ hour before departure, there we were – ready for the Greek island adventure!

Unfortunately Paros didn’t turn out to be as good as we hoped for. The kitespot Pounda only works with clean north wind, and as soon as it turns to north-west the neighbor island Anti-Paros blocks the wind. South-west or south wind was as well gusty and on/off all day long. We wanted to leave after 2 days, but found out that the ferry only leaves every second day. The next day there was a general strike, so as well no ferry leaving. GREAT! Finally we managed to get a ferry and go ahead to Rhodes:)

Rhodes and Prasonisi is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever kited. The wind is blowing every day, you can sleep in your van, use the shower and toilet of the supermarket (make friends with the owner first!) and save a lot of money this way. We were out every day for 5-6 hours, with kite sizes 6-10. Of course a place like Prasonisi is crowded, but just get up early and you’ll have the flat water side for yourself from 8-11 about, as well as in the evening from 17 until sundown. During the very crowded period there are still lots of space on the wave side with on shore winds. I strongly recommend Rhodes, as one of the most wind safe spots in Greece! The wind is blowing almost every day since beginning of June, meanwhile the rest of the “famous” windy islands (Paros, Naxos, Kos) still haven’t had the Meltemi (strong north wind blowing constantly from July-August) visiting. Some even mean that the Meltemi has got lost this summer – well it’s not lost, just stuck on Rhodes I would say;)

From Rhodes off we went to Kos, to visit friends and meat my sister. We’ve had wind almost every day, but mostly less than 15 knots. I’ve had to rent big 12-16 m2 kites, and thanks to the friendly team at Water-Proof surf center in Mastichari I could kite almost every day. If you ever plan on taking lessons, learning kiting or just need to rent equipment, go to this surf center! Professional teaching and equipment as well as a nice atmosphere make it worth a visit. 2 days in a row, Mr.Meltemi decided to visit, and we had perfect conditions with waves and flat water between at Malaka beach (secret spot, take off to the right just before you go down to Kefalos.). I could ride my 6m2 the whole day, and next day the 8m2. Next to kiting I've been practising slack-lining, so much fun!! Can't wait to come back and pick up my slack-lines from Gibbon, my new sponsor!!! It's perfect to train, when there's no wind:)

Tomorrow we leave with the Blue Star Ferry back to Athens, and will be in Germany the 16th of July. On the 21st we get back on the road heading for Norway!

Pictures will come later

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