Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the road again - EGYPT

What a nice ending on the season…

It’s been more than 2 months since last time I was on the water, horrible, but true!! So I made my decision to leave snowy Germany and head it for Egypt for 1 week training (under the motto…broke, but you only live once...). On the 2nd of December, Me and Stefan met Heike at the Breakers Hotel in Soma Bay, ready for good times and lots of wind.

The first two days were more or less windless, though I was on the water, doing unwillingly a couple of downwinders, maybe one jump and then walking back on the beach for ages – being big amusement for the locals and workers on the 7Bft Kitevillage Centre in Soma bay… The rest of the day we spent on the slackline.

Finally, the 3rd day, the wind came back and stayed for the rest of the week. Some would call it a holiday – I wouldn’t. It hurts to be a kiter, getting up every morning at 7, kiting all day long. Pain, pain, pain! But oh my God, it’s the best pain ever!!

We didn’t see any sharks, just heard about them (numerous nervous sms’ from back home, telling us to take care) . I don’t think kiters are on the top of their menu, though.

It was a perfect week, with hard training, a great hotel, kitecentre and staff – and lots of good people.
Finished up a diashow with THE SONG NR 1 from our holiday, being the lasts ones leaving the kitecentre with the shuttle bus every night, persuading the driver to play it... – thanks to Stefan for great photos, just a shame that picasa messes them up.

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  1. Jeg er rett og slett - IMPONERT Anne!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)