Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Season can start!!

After almost 3 months without kiting, the temperatures here in Germany finally reached kiteable level; 3 degrees air temp., approx. 20-25 knots north west wind and a freezing cold North Sea – but fine sunny. Saturday morning I jumped in the train from Bremen to Hamburg, with all my kite gear, and then by car from Hamburg to St. Peter Ording.

Ok, I do admit, I was very suspicious going kiting in these temperatures, but seriously, it was SOO worth it!! I had my fun for 3 hours on the water, not even close at getting cold, which might have to do with my layer of 10 mm neoprene, 5mm Neoprene underneath and 5 mm dry neoprene over the first neoprene suit… And, YES, it’s still possible to move, and do tricks, but I got exhausted pretty fast!
Great day, great people – to be repeated!!

Thanks to MAREN for lending me her dry neoprene suit!
Thanks to GUNNAR for taking pics!
And thanks to MIRKO for convincing me to go kiting, and pushing me into the water!


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