Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well, I went to the snowkite worldcup in Reschensee.. Didn't go to well, there was no snow and almost no wind, and I dropped my 14m2 kite and didn't manage to relaunch it.. (yeah, missed out on that lesson during my beginnercourse). Anyway, it was a great event, had a lot of fun and met a lot of new people :o)

Oh,HOOHO - here you can have a look at a nice Video from my trip to Reschensee:
Gleiten.Tv - Anne auf Reisen
Thanks to PBPProduktion for producing and Mirko Bennetz for filming/pictures!!

Season is coming closer, so Im trying to workout and somehow get fit, this is some of my more fun alternatives to kite:

(Weser Kurier, Bremen, 3rd March 2011)

With these kind of activities, it's just gonna have to be a success?!:)

In the upcomming season, I'm very happy to inform that, for GLEITEN.TV I'll be the person in charge testing all female equipment on the kitesurf market!! I really look forward to this task, which I think will be exciting as well as challenging.
In facebook you can see a short movie on the topic;)
click here

Last but not least, next week I'll update you on my sponsors!

See you all on the water, maybe saturday??


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