Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to kite :)

HUHUUU the summer can come!!

I’ve been writing on my bachelor-thesis since the middle of February, and finally:

I was writing the work together with Stefan, so congratulations to us:)
Since we were doing an analysis of the German kite-travel-market, the work was very interesting and “easy going”. Among others, we made a consumer analysis using an online-survey and reached over 700 kiters. Here are some of the interesting aspects about us kiters:
More and more girls are joining the sport!! That’s great, isn’t it??:) The number of female kiters has risen with 7 % since 2006. A Kitesurfer has an average age of 27,4 years – which we just can’t really say fits to the picture which the different Kitespots in Germany presents. We reckon that the average age must be much higher, and that the average age of 27,4 years is due to that most answers came through Oase Forum and Facebook – in this way reaching mainly younger people. Almost half of the kitesurfers are in a relationship, where the partner also kites or at least would like to learn kitesurfing. They earn pretty good money and travel A LOT!
The answer to ‘how many boards and kites do you have?’ was quite surprising to us … On average the German kitesurfer has 4,2 Kites and 3,5 boards!! How come I only have one board??;)Further on, the kitesurfer prefers self supply during his holiday. When the Kitesurfer goes travelling, the most important is:
of course.
Almost none of the us pay any interest to cultural activities… How come this result doesn’t surprise me:)?
That was just a tiny excerpt of over results. All in all I’m very satisfied with the outcome of the thesis and look forward to the presentation on the 27th of June.
Tomorrow I will head for Büsum and the second part of the Kitesurf Trophy here in Germany. Because of lack of wind at the first event in Dahme there are yet no results in the freestyle classes. The forecast this weekend doesn’t look to good, but cross your fingers and do the wind dance – then the wind will come! I haven’t been able to train too much this winter or spring, so I’m not going into the competition with too high expectations – which is good, I think! Just give me wind, and I’m happy:)

See you on the water,

loop it like Beckham.

aloha Anne

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