Wednesday, June 8, 2011

4th in Büsum and summer holidays..

After 3 months of hard work on my bachelor-thesis, being 3 weeks sick and not training much, the
weekend in Büsum ended more or less like expected, on the 4th place. To the bad preparation comes that it wasn’t much wind. I did nice downwind heats (for those of you not kiting, this means bearing away from the wind, without power enough in the kite because of the light wind, to do any jumps), running back up, and going downwind again. The first heat against Meike Erichsen went pretty well, the wind was pretty ok, so I could actually do about 7-8 tricks in 7 minutes.. Then in the quarter final against Susanne Brill the wind dropped, and I think I did 3 tricks all in all, spending the rest of the time running back on the shore. Susanne did much better, jumping around, doing blinds and nice tricks! So she won, and went to the final against Sabrina Lutz, did the same thing, and won again. Congratulations to Susanne for nice kiting in those conditions!:) I had to go against Skadi Siegmeyer in the loosers final, Skadi did a lot more tricks than me, and I did 1 S-bend, 1 Raley and 1 Raley to blind (which even, I think, was outside the contest area..) and a lot of downwind and running on the shore! Skadi deservedly won the heat, congrats to your 3rd place. After the heat the wind was completely gone, and the final was set on wait. I think it would have been fair to do both finals the next day, in this way we could have been showing off with a bit of better kiting… We all hope for more wind in Fehmarn, so we can actually show that we can kite!! The next day the thermic wind came around 3 o’clock, but unfortunately didn’t last long enough to obtain any results for the men or juniors. Never the less, outside on the ocean side (the competition took place in a little bay/lagoon behind the dike) the wind was perfectly blowing, constant, with flat water conditions, so me and a couple of the other competitors got 2-3 hours of riding the frustration away :) Great!!
All in all, the weekend was really nice, the Kitesurf Trophy Team did a great job offering all kind of alternative activities for people like me suffering from mild ADHD, organizing nice parties and a lot of fun. Thanks guys, for making a perfect weekend despite lack of wind.
And, thanks to Heike and Tomy for taking care of their “Gartenzwerg”:O) And of course Jan, without you I wouldn't have managed to get to Büsum and back with all my mess!!:)

 (doing the winddance...and then the wind came!!)

No I’m off to Copenhagen, to see my best friend, and make the Kitespots on the Danish coast unsafe, nice - see you on the water


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