Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NOBODY messes with us

...Hurghada's Angels...

25th Ferbuary – 4th March,
1 week Grand Hotel, Breakfast & Dinner, Transfer = 319 Euro = LET’S GO!!
Spontaneously I decided to go for a week to Hurghada together with Sophie to visit Colona Watersports and Nasser. I’ve been working for a while in Bad Gastein in Austria, as a snowboard and ski instructor, and really had a need for something else than snow and -20 degrees;) Luckily my boss at Schneesportschule Gastein agreed with me, and allowed me 1 week off. Thank you Luigi!!
Me, Sophie and Nasser in Shade,
the best bar and restaurant at the Marina
So, off we went for summer, wind and good times. WOW, what an amazing week! Even though the wind didn’t show up before the end of the week, we were never bored. Thank’s to Nasser, every day was a perfect day, filled with joy and new adventures. We started learning Arabic, and have come up with quite an interesting list, which everyone who wants to experience a bit more than simply the hotelroom, beach and taxi should learn (and yes, we learned it all!):
Thank you - Shukran
It's ok, no problem - Meifish muss kella
Let go of me - zSiieb
You're welcome - Af one
Ok - Mexi
Please - Lausermacht
Stop on the right side - Allah gam
No (water, money)... - Meinfish
Water - Maija
Money - Feluss
No! - Lá
Go away, leave us alone - Emschi
How much thos this cost (please) -  becäm däh (lausermacht)
That's expensive, very expensive - Däh reli, gédden
We are poor students - ächnä talaba
I have an Egyptian boyfriend - Ana andi sahéb masri
I am from ... - Ana men
Germany - el manja
Norway - el noruig

How are you? - Eseijek / enteramele
Good (feeling good) - Quais
Good (food) - Däh läsiis aui
Wind - Hauwa
I would like - Ana ause
Bread - aaaaish

Pound - Gené
Zusammen - mabaat
And the most funny thing to answer, everytime you get the question how are you:
100 % bether than the chickens in the Egyptian associations -
Meija Meija wuella fierech el gemaija
And of course counting until 10!

E.g. a typical ride with the bus and Nasser “escorting” us would look like this:
Waving to stop the bus, squeeze in. Sit down wherever space, give 1 pound (8 pound = 1 Euro) each person to the person sitting in front of you, who would pass this on to the bus driver. Nasser would then at some time shout out loud; “Allah gam, lausehrmat (stop on the right side, please)”.
A typical ride with the bus for me and Sophie would look like this:
Waving to stop the bus, squeeze in and find a place. Young passenger in front telling us; “5 pound each”. Sophie giving him 2 pounds for both, saying “lá, edniin gené mabaat (no, two pounds all together)”. Young guy, looking angry; “no, 5 pounds”. Sophie trying to grab our money back, at the same time me yelling loud to the driver “allah gam, lausermat”. Driver and other guy in front turning around, looking quite surprised saying “ok,ok, everything is ok”. Sophie telling young guy: “Ana andi sahéb masri – my boyfriend is Egyptian”, picking up the phone and calling Nasser passing him on to the young guy, who suddenly looked very small and scared, mentioning nothing to Nasser about any problems or money.
Going with the bus
To get some work out, we walked every day to the watersport center, around 5 km along the main road between a bunch of ruins and a lot of trash. 

Nasser convinced us to walk along the beach, as this is supposed to be much nicer. Well, this was our "tramp" on the beach (it started out quite nice, though..):


 And here it ended:

Of course Nasser new this, he just wanted to have a good laugh, and so did we. Especially as I had to climb a fence in my mini skirt, telling the 3 guards escorting us, to turn around.

The days passed by without wind, but we had a lot of fun getting special prices for massages at Cleopatra massage center, going out to the sandbank with the SUP or training on the bar. I have never really been practicing much on the bar, so I was totally stunned as I managed to do the handleplass after only 1 attempt. Of course, again thanks to Nasser, who took me through 3 easy traning steps, and whoop whoop, here we go!:)

The last two days we got proper wind, and could train a bit. It was still a bit off-shore, so we had pretty gusty conditions. 


Ähm, yes, not sure I should mention this, but of course we managed to mess up the leaving dates packing our boardbags and suitcases one day too early. We looked pretty stupid, as we were standing in the reception as the only ones wanting to check out. But the joy was enormous by the time we understood that we were going to have one more day with wind!
Packing the first leaving-evening...
 A week filled with happiness, sun, nice people and good mood. Thanks to Sophie, Nasser and Colona Watersports for everything, and for making this week a special memory in my mind! I’ll be back:)
Best Watersport Team :)!

 Windy wishes,

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