Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kitesurf Trophy Holnis, 17th – 20th of May

During the weekend it was again time for the German championships, this time in Holnis close to Flensburg. A surprisingly nice spot, working both with western and eastern wind conditions. And yes, we had both! Two days with strong wind, enough for my 8m2 - at times really over powered. The first day we finished the single eliminations, and I managed to win one heat after another. In the semi-final I faced Sabrina Lutz, X-times German Champion. It was a really close run, which in the end went in my favour thanks to a powerful back to blind in the last second!! Next up, the final against Michalina Laskowska, 2nd best girl in the European Championships. The wind was really strong, and I was more than overpowered on my 8m2. Did some great hooked kiteloops with rotations, and some unhooked stuff, but didn’t have a good feeling afterwards. Luckily I managed to convince the judges with my powerful style, and so I was in the lead after the singles.

Kite loop with rotation

Thanks to the rescue team...
Friday wind prognoses looked really good, so all riders went early to bed in order to be top fit for the next day and the double eliminations. Unfortunately for me I lost my lead to Sabrina Lutz, who fought her way from 3rd to 1st place. Somehow I was really nervous, with shaky legs, and of course did a really crappy final heat. I didn’t land any of my best tricks, and Sabrina deserved to win. She has trained very hard over the winter, so I’m happy for herJ

All in all I’m really happy about my 2nd place, since I’ve only been like five days on the water since October for proper training.  Now I’m even more motivated and will give everything to take back the lead in the next competition.

Crash, bang, boom...

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