About me

I’m a Norwegian girl, who grew up in the inland of Norway close to Trondheim, now making my Bachelor (International Tourism Management) in Bremen in Germany. As a youngster I was always active, some says hyperactive, playing soccer all day long or grabbing the neighbours’ apples. I’ve played active handball, soccer and badminton until I was 19. That’s when the more adrenalin filled sports caught my full attention, so off I went to Austria and Greece, where I worked a couple of years as a snowboard and windsurf instructor.

My start as a kitesurfer was not an easy one! I started on Kos, in Greece, with a crazy X2, onshore winds, strong shore-break and deep water. And a normal session was; Kite up, wind away, kite falling down in the powerzone, wind back, kite pulling me all around the place. Well I didn’t give in, that’s not my nature, and here I am today ready for my first competitions :)